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Control Your
Personal Network

Create & share in exclusive Hitches and you decide who's along for the ride.

Eliminate Social Noise

Communicate openly without cat memes, conflict, or kooky political rants.

Create Experiences With People That Matter

Get back to sharing experiences with real friends and less fringe.

Available for iPhone.
Droid & desktop coming soon!

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What's a Hitch?

An exlcusive thread that lets you create and share experiences with the people that really matter.
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What's a Hitch?

Create a Hitch for anything you're doing and tag only friends you want to participate. Everyone posts photos, videos, and comments while Hitcher captures the entire shared experience. Imagine the functionality of Instagram meets the exclusive features of group chat.

Create a Hitch and Tag Your Friends

Everyone Posts Photos, Videos, and Comments

Hitcher Captures the Entire Shared Experience

The First Dedicated Social Communications App

Social Media Isn't
Very Social Anymore

People are afraid of sharing personal info with strangers, they’re afraid of conflict, and they’re afraid of losing their jobs because of something they posted on social media.

The Broadcast Model
Has Run its Course

This model is the equivalent of putting your social circle in a room and simultaneously yelling news at each other. Shouting over everybody means connecting with nobody.

Exclusivity Leads
to Real Talk

Hitcher focuses on exclusive groups for specific moments. No followers and no social noise lets you get back to meaningful interaction with the people that really matter.

Shared Experiences
Are Everything

Our mission is to use social tech to empower users, encourage communication, and inspire a new wave of shared experiences. Life is too short to focus on the fringe.

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